Exaud Marandu

Exaud Marandu


Meet Exaud, a true veteran of the Tanzania safari industry, with an impressive 24-year journey through the heart of African wilderness. With an innate passion for wildlife and conservation, Exaud embarked on this adventure, creating memories and experiences for countless adventurers from around the world.

Having honed his expertise over two decades, Exaud now proudly owns his own safari company, a testament to his dedication and love for this land. For the past six years, his company has stood as a beacon of excellence, offering travelers the chance to explore Tanzania’s stunning landscapes and witness its magnificent wildlife up close.

Exaud’s commitment to sustainability, his deep understanding of the land, and his unwavering dedication to providing top-notch safari experiences have earned his company a well-deserved reputation for excellence. Join him on a journey through Tanzania’s wild wonders and discover the magic of the safari like never before.”


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