Charity begins at home.

Monday, March 15th 2021

Utopia Safaris is committed to giving back to the community. We believe to move forward, we need to be part of people who encourage change and play our part in the growth of our society. Utopia Safaris chose to be part of an NGO called  NDOTO ZETU that works with the local community.

They take initiative to empower families that are challenged and provide them with opportunities as well as enable them to thrive forward to where the future is looks bright. Our support to this NGO has been a big part of our company’s achievement, not because we give much but we become better by giving. If you wish to learn more about this NGO or extend a hand to them, here is an introduction to **NDOTO ZETU**

Utopia Safaris support the NGO with beans. We farm 3 Acres every year specifical for NGO

Our Vision

Ndoto Zetu is an NGO based in Mianzini, Arusha, Tanzania. Our vision is to empower families to live their full potential and provide a safe, joyful and inspiring environment for their children.

We welcome you to take a moment and read some inspirations behind our logo. It is said that a long, long time ago three miracle stones found their way to earth. One stood for the quality of strength, another for the feeling of security and again another for the virtue of calm. Together, they created a space so that those in need are helped, those who are persecuted have protection, and those who are restless have a shoulder to rest on. Unfortunately, it is not said with certainty where these stones are today, but maybe they are in close by even right now?

Just as the three miracle stones form a unit, so does Ndoto zetu: Together we open up new opportunities and future visions for children and their families. The color blue not only exemplifies the dream of freedom, the endless expanses of the world, but also for the character trait gentleness. And what could be a better fit than family? Yellow, on the other hand, symbolizes joy, good mood, brightness and radiance, but also implies sharp mind and intellect. Don't you have the association with bright children's eyes, resounding laughter and inquisitive curiosity?

The third color is red. Red is a color that has always made people feel great. It‘s the color of love, but also of fire and blood, so it is representative of life itself. Red is also associated with blazing fire and embers, which represents limitless and energetic source of power. Ndoto zetu stands for being motivated, powerful, dynamic and positive and yet not narrow-minded and run-in, but open to new ideas, ready for input and exchange with one another.

The green lettering of Ndoto zetu thus unites the opposites and meanings of the colors blue and yellow: cold and warmth, joy and reason, understanding and spontaneity, curiosity and serenity.

In this interaction we want to get involved and progress.

Yet another color can be discovered: white as the sum of all the colors of light. From a physical point of view, therefore, it does not embody nothing, but everything. The color white symbolizes, among other things, light, faith, ideal, good, beginning, modesty, neutrality, as well as wisdom. Let's write a new chapter together and dare to start again throughout developing Life skills, open up for Coaching and relieve self – development.

Our Goals

Children belong in their families and will be supported to stay together. Encourage systems to grow into full potential. Implement and guide sustainable development. End the circle of poverty and its challenging side effects. Provide socio-emotional support for families. Promote child protection and gender equality.

Our Program Life Skills- Coaching – Self Development After School Programs Our After School Programs provides a safe, inspiring and creative environment. Next to the opportunity to play and thus to develop several skills further, we focus on practicing life skills.

Healthy Lunches We provide healthy and nutrient food thereby support health, concentration and development. Gardening Program We have a small vegetable garden. Our children are responsible to foster. The outcome will end up in our lunches. Family Visits Kids belong in families. Our team offers support and visits at home. Different workshops are possible to be hold according to the need of the families.

• Healthy Food Workshops

Hygiene Knowledge & Implementation

Parent Coaching

Self-Development Coaching

Business Coaching

We offer Age and Gender specific activities over weekends and holidays. - Women and Youth Groups - Girl Talk - Father Activities and Talks - Family Activities

Future Programs Safe House Temporary Placements School Food Program Internship Programs

How to get involved?

A.Come to Visit & Volunteer

If you feel inspired to get practically involved please reach out. From dance sessions to administrative tasks or coaching and your creativity, all will be appreciated. There is something waiting for you to do. We are looking forward to welcome you wherever you come from.

B. Be part of our „ a little bit going a long way“

Utopia Safaris support the NGO with beans. They farm 3 Acres every year specifical for NGO.

Monthly support team If everybody is supporting constantly with a small amount monthly we can support our families and children with healthy meals. Please reach out to use we developed different methods according to where you come from (Tanzania Mpesa, Germany Asante Watoto e.V., …)

C. Contribute in kind Before throwing away,

reach out. Our program involves up-cycling. We believe not a lot of money is needed to make a cozy, lovely home. Our office and center furniture’s are meant as inspiring role models and a lot of our activities related to reusing and up-cycling. So we are thankful for any outreach to get rid of your lay around. Tires, kitchen equipment, toys, clothes, books, color left overs, building materials,… we are excited to create new.

D. Be our Ambassador Shout and share.

Our programs & activities are there to be spread. Download this flyer (TZ English, TZ Swahili, German, English), talk about our vision, reach out to us, and help us develop further.

We are looking forward for your involvement and energies.