John Kadeghe – Accountant

John Kadeghe

John Kadeghe Accountant John, our dedicated accountant, is known for his meticulous attention to detail and his friendly, polite demeanor. His careful management of our financial records ensures that our company’s numbers are always in order. His approachable nature makes him a pleasure to work with, and we rely on his expertise to maintain our […]

Kayanda Mnaro – Marketing

Kayanda Mnaro

Kayanda Mnaro Communication and Marketing Kayanda, our marketing expert, is a dynamic professional who stays consistently updated with the latest trends and innovations in the field. With a keen analytical mindset, he possesses the ability to craft strategies that truly captivate our clients’ attention. His proactive approach and majestic presence make him an invaluable asset […]

Backer Seuchago – Reservations

Beker Seuchago

Backer Seuchago Reservations Becker is an invaluable member of the team, serving as a reservations person for the tour company. With a remarkable work ethic and unwavering dedication, Becker consistently goes above and beyond to ensure that every reservation is handled with precision and care. His extensive experience in the industry has honed his expertise, […]

Brian Marandu – Town Tour Guide

Brian Marandu

Brian Marandu Safari Guide Brian, our town tour guide, is a vibrant and enthusiastic young man who is passionate about his role. He possesses a unique talent for engaging a crowd, making every tour a lively and memorable experience. With his outgoing personality, Brian creates an atmosphere of excitement and curiosity, ensuring that visitors have […]

Joshua Nnko – Safari Guide

Joshua Nnko

Joshua Nnko Safari Guide Joshua, our esteemed safari guide, is a true master of his craft. His deep knowledge of the natural world and storytelling prowess make every safari an unforgettable experience. Beyond his expertise, he exudes charm and warmth, effortlessly putting clients at ease during their journeys. Joshua’s professionalism shines through, ensuring that every […]

Nasieku Sayore Marandu – Director

Nasieku Sayore Marandu

Nasieku Sayore Marandu Director Nasieku is a dynamic and visionary individual who serves as the Director of a renowned tour company, which she co-founded alongside her partner, Exaud. With her innate creativity and passion for travel, Nasieku consistently brings fresh and innovative ideas to the company’s operations. Her strategic thinking and a keen eye for […]

Exaud Marandu – Director

Exaud Marandu

Exaud Marandu Director Meet Exaud, a true veteran of the Tanzania safari industry, with an impressive 24-year journey through the heart of African wilderness. With an innate passion for wildlife and conservation, Exaud embarked on this adventure, creating memories and experiences for countless adventurers from around the world. Having honed his expertise over two decades, […]