What To Do In Kenya Besides Safari?

Learn about What To Do In Kenya Besides Safari. Discover the vibrant tapestry of experiences awaiting you in Kenya beyond the safari. Explore Kenya’s diverse wonders beyond safari!


Kenya is a country full of surprises beyond the famous safaris. Visit Nairobi first, where you can explore its rich cultural heritage at the Maasai Market or the Nairobi National Museum. For an extra kick of adventure, try Aberdare National Park which provides an exciting hiking experience through waterfalls and thick forests. Kenya also has a beautiful coastline with clean sandy beaches as seen in Diani Beach that are ideal for sunbathing or swimming underwater.

The Swahili architecture and ancient ruins of Lamu Island can be enjoyed by history buffs on the one hand, while foodies will get a taste of Kenyan food in cities like Mombasa, which has several flavors unique to Kenya. The safari experience is not the only unforgettable experience in Kenya. Among the many experiences that await you, you can hike in majestic mountains, visit bustling markets, and bask on sun-kissed shores.

What To Do In Kenya Besides Safari
What To Do In Kenya Besides Safari

What To Do In Kenya Besides Safari?

1. Conquer Mount Kenya

Travel up Mount Kenya, Africa’s second tallest mountain known for its untamed rawness and adventure. From thick forests through to open alpine moorland, there are diverse ecosystems for you to hike in. The pushing through will lead you up to the topmost point of this legendary mountain where there are amazing views out only for the few who make it up.

2. Cycle Through Hell’s Gate

Experience one of Africa’s most thrilling bicycle adventures in the very heart of Hell’s Gate National Park. Ride with the wind in your face through spectacular canyons, trails sandwiched between towering rock walls then out into the open grass plains with herds of grazing animals. The journey takes you through a wilderness replete with some of Earth’s ancient geological formations, shaped by fire and water in ways that defy human comprehension.

3. Scuba Dive, Wind Surf & Jet Ski At Diani Beach

Experience the azure waters of the Indian Ocean that are alive with sea creatures. Diani Beach offers diving for all levels of expertise ranging from the experienced diver in search of excitement or the beginners who would like to try it under the sea with a variety of exciting life forms below. Speed along the shores on a jet ski if you want to feel the adrenalin rush, another option would be windsurfing through clean blue lakes where you see everything – even under your own feet

4. Dine At Ali Barbour’s Cave

Your taste buds can enjoy something completely different when you visit Ali Barbour’s Cave, a sensory leaves no stone unturned. It is situated within an ancient coral cave that is lit by flickering candlelights enabling you to feel as though you are dining under the stars. 

5. Swim With Bioluminescent Plankton In Kilifi

A dip in Kilifi’s glowing waters is the perfect way to experience nature’s luminescent charm. This is when you notice bioluminescent planktons disproportionately glowing in darkness. Like unidentified objects encased, slide through a radiance halo and surrender to the enchantment that defines it.

6. Tick Off Your Bird Checklist at Lake Nakuru

Lake Nakuru National Park is located in the Great Rift Valley thus serving as a major attraction to bird-watching enthusiasts where numerous species can be found. Close to a million flamingoes flock there, changing the horizon into a sight of endless pink color from a distance. 

Besides, there are other animals apart from flamingoes at this park; just over 450 birds live along its borders such as eagles, pelicans, and marabou storks among others while enjoying a game drive with guided professional birding guides who can locate them all even before their existence is noticed by naked eyes. With an African fish eagle singing overhead in between stops to see different displays of might-covered vertebrates, you know why this protected area stays relevant all year round.

7. Step Back in Time in Lamu Town

One of the oldest and most well-conserved Swahili habit settlements in East Africa, Lamu town will give you a feel of traveling back in time. In this area, you will get to see donkeys as the most used means of transport moving along small paths with curved lines full of wood-carved doors. Lamu Museum reveals what the town has gone through during past eras due to exchange and commerce involving Africa, Arabia, and India. Make sure you come across the opportunity.

8. See Lake Turkana From the Sky

A scenic flight over Lake Turkana provides you with a remarkable view of the Jade Sea (which is known for its blue-green water). The Great Rift Valley is home to the largest alkaline lake in the world, which creates the impression of an oasis amidst the rocky desertlands that border it. Watch how volcanic islands emerge out of this unusual water body and be careful to notice if any

8. Deep-sea fishing in Watamu

Enjoy the azure waters from the shore of Watamu for a memorable common fishing voyage. Then retrieve a big game like marlin, sailfish, or tuna among spectacular coastal views. Whether you have fished before or not the fishery here is exciting.

9. Bungee Jump in Sagana

For those who seek adventure and thrill, they should consider Sagana as the best destination for a life-threatening bungee jumping challenge. At this point, the big height excites you after which you are left to tumble down carelessly into waters running beneath here at a very fast pace. This kind of excitement will linger on for a long time long after you set foot again on stable land at the bottom.

10. Saddle up a Camel & Explore Samburu

Travel by camel through the rough terrain of Samburu on an unconventional journey. Trek on dusty paths and along meandering river banks all the while enjoying the captivating scenes of the wild Samburu. Meet various species of animals and establish communication channels with residents of Samburu areas for an original cultural experience that is unique.

11. Trek Mount Elgon

Wear your hiking boots and attempt to climb Mount Elgon, an ancient volcano on the border of Kenya and Uganda. Walk in montane forests full of green leaves falling, then hike up to the top where you can see everything else on the lowlands beneath. It’s tough but worth trying out because it guarantees one long-lasting memory out there in life.

What To Do In Kenya Besides Safari
What To Do In Kenya Besides Safari

Adventure and Outdoor Activities 

The breathtaking scenery and adrenaline-pumping adventures in Kenya will appeal to adrenaline junkies and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

  • Hot Air Ballooning in the Mara: A sunrise hot air balloon safari over the Maasai Mara is an unforgettable experience. The vast plains below offer a unique view of the African savannah as wildlife awakens to a new day.
  • White-Water Rafting on the Tana River: You can enjoy exhilarating white-water rafting on the Tana River, traversing rapids surrounded by lush wilderness, and observing diverse birdlife along the way.


Are there cultural experiences to enjoy in Kenya?

Yup! To soak up the rich cultural heritage of Kenya, tourists can visit various traditional Maasai villages, see historical sites like Fort Jesus in Mombasa, take part in cultural events like the Lamu Cultural Festival, and try real Kenyan dishes at markets and eateries.

What outdoor activities can I enjoy in Kenya?

The Aberdare Mountains are good for hiking; Lake Nakuru National Park is famous for birdwatching; The Kenyan coast is perfect for snorkeling and diving; Diani Beach is ideal for kite-surfing while camping takes place at The Great Rift Valley.

Are there opportunities for eco-tourism in Kenya?

Yes, Kenya is a hotspot for ecotourism with activities such as tree planting within the Karura Forest in Nairobi, wildlife conservancy visits such as ol Pejeta Conservancy, community-based conservation projects within Mara Naboisho Conservancy, and staying at eco-friendly lodges and camps all over the country.