Facts About Tanzania Safaris

Tanzania hosts thousands of tourists worldwide every year. This country is also the home of some of the most unique wildlife and national parks which are home to a variety of species some of which are vulnerable or critically endangered. What you should know about the Tanzania Safari Facts is that the travelers witness the big five and may also get a chance to see some fascinating creatures in this East African country.

The best part about Tanzania Safari Tours is its annual Great Migration of Serengeti which is a sight to behold. Apart from this, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro and beach hopping on the cool serene Tanzanian beaches are the favorite pastime activities of many visitors.

Here is a list of some of the Best and most Important Facts about Tanzania that you should know:

  1. Nearly 30% of Tanzanian landmass is dedicated to conservation as national parks, marine parks, game reserves, and forest reserves.
  2. It is home to hundreds of endemic species and sub-species and about 11,000 species of plants, many of which are endemic) and more than 4 million wild animals.
  3. Tanzania is the largest country in East Africa and contains the highest mountain (Kilimanjaro) and the deepest lake (Lake Tanganyika) in Africa.
  4. Tanzania has the highest point but also the lowest point of the continent, which lies at the bottom of Lake Tanganyika (358 m below sea level)
  5. It has the largest African wild dog population in Africa.
  6. Oldupai Gorge in Tanzania, a renowned palaeo-anthropological site, is known for the discovery of early human fossils. A footprint trail of early hominids that first stood upright over 3.7 million years ago was also discovered in Laetoli
  7. Tanzania is home to 126 tribes, each with their own distinct cultural mores
  8. Over 120 languages are spoken in Tanzania, with most of them being Bantu languages.
  9. Swahili and English are the two official languages of Tanzania.
  10. The most interesting Tanzania Safari Facts is that Tanzania has two capital cities – Dar Es Salaam which is the former capital and Dodoma the present capital
  11. Kilimanjaro which is the highest free-standing mountain in the world is in this country.
  12. Zanzibar which is mostly mistaken as a country is actually a semi-autonomous region of Tanzania with its own capital and President.
  13. An important custom of safari in Tanzania is the tipping culture.
  14. The guides, drivers or Kilimanjaro porters, and other Tanzania safari crew strive hard to make your vacation in this unique and diverse country the best one you have ever had in an entire life. So Tanzania Safari Tips that you provide them at the end of the day or after the end of the trip is a sign of gratitude and help them financially.
  15. When visiting Tanzania you must take care of your personal safety. While Tanzania is a safe country, there is petty theft in some of the major cities and towns like Zanzibar. Precaution is the key.
  16. Tanzania Culture Facts about the native Tanzanian people is that they are familiar with the huge footfall of tourists every year in the country; however they expect it a common curtsey to ask them before you take their photograph.
  17. The food that you will receive here is not just delicious and nutritious but also exceptionally indigenous to this land.
  18. On your walking safari to the cultural towns of Tanzania, you will receive a warm welcome from the people who can teach you a recipe or two for you to try back home.

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