Is December a Good Time for Safari in Kenya?

Learn about Is December a Good Time for Safari in Kenya. Discover if December is the ideal season for a Kenyan safari. Explore lush landscapes, vibrant wildlife, and fewer crowds in this captivating adventure.


A safari in Kenya is a thrilling experience that takes you through the natural beauty of East Africa. In most cases, this entails moving across large dry plains and thick woods while looking for different species of animals. Often these trips are taken by tour guides who drive around whose main attraction is inspecting game animals inclusive of lions, elephants, giraffes, and zebras among others in national parks as well as reserves.

Safaris also creates the chance to experience other cultures by visiting indigenous people and learning about their ways of life and customs. Whether it’s the sight of The Great Migration happening across Maasai Mara or the pursuit of rhinoceroses within Lake Nakuru; you’ll have an unforgettable experience while out on a Kenyan Safari because of its splendor.

Is December a Good Time for Safari in Kenya
Is December a Good Time for Safari in Kenya

Is December a Good Time for Safari in Kenya?

Kenyan parks have fewer people than in high tourist season for a more intimate and personalized experience. In contrast, it is a good time for a Kenyan safari since it has perfect weather about heat among other climatic conditions.

Key Safari Destinations in Kenya

1. Maasai Mara National Reserve

You should consider visiting the Maasai Mara because there are many lions and other large predators there. However, you can find calm parks in December and observe the last stage of this migration.

2. Amboseli National Park

Amboseli is breathtaking due to its vast herds of elephants and a view of Mount Kilimanjaro. It’s during the short rains that the marshes get filled, attracting elephants and other forms of life.

3. Tsavo National Park

Tsavo is one of Kenya’s largest parks which can be divided into two wings: the East and the West. Perhaps why Tsavo earns recognition is that it boasts red elephants and a variety of habitats that include rivers, mountains, and even volcanic terrains.

4. Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru is well-known for its flamingos, and in addition to these, there are also rhinos, lions, and leopards. Besides, the various ecosystems that can be found in this place provide suitable habitats for different animals including birds like ostriches which have been adopted as secondary points by many other species because they can see very far when standing on them and are cold-blooded thus cannot produce their heat but rely on environmental temperatures.

Why Choose Kenya for a Safari?

1. Unparalleled Wildlife Diversity

Some of the most diverse wildlife in the world can be found in Kenya. The Big Five, such as lions, elephants, buffaloes, leopards, and rhinoceroses among many other animals, make up a tapestry of fauna that is specific to this country. If you go on a game drive, you will encounter everything from gallant giraffes to sly cheetahs that are rare in other parts of the world.

2. Stunning Landscapes

Kenya’s landscapes are breathtaking apart from its fauna with its rolling savannas, dramatic escarpments, and lush green hills. In December, these landscapes are typically lush and bright green. The sky virtually explodes with its vibrant stretch when you view Mount Kilimanjaro from Amboseli or when you traverse through the Great Rift Valley with its stunning views.

3. Rich Cultural Experiences

A Kenyan safari is more than wildlife; It is also an exploration of Africa’s cultural legacy. When you interact with these Mäasai people or understand their customs better, this moves you profoundly during the safari. Do not forget there are chances for one to see how the surrounding communities live, participate in their dances, and listen to tales that have been passed on over generations.

Where to Stay on Safari in Kenya

1. Luxury Lodges

Kenya’s high-end lodges are beautiful, offer exemplary services, and provide one with an opportunity to enjoy breathtaking views. Usually, these lodges are found in ideal sites within the various game parks or reserves hence allowing someone to have a close-range view of animals. Some of them are represented by:

  • Angama Mara: This lodge offers gorgeous views and luxurious accommodations that oversee the Maasai Mara
  • Elewana Elephant Pepper Camp: The Mara North Conservancy, is a unique blend of cultural appeal and modern-day necessities.
Is December a Good Time for Safari in Kenya
Is December a Good Time for Safari in Kenya

2. Tented Camps

Tented camps give you a real nature safari experience. They vary from basic accommodation to five-star lodging facilities and usually provide a more total wild experience than traditional lodges. Some of them are such as:

  • Porini Camps: They have a reputation for taking care of the environment near national parks in a personal way.
  • Mara Intrepids Camp: Perfect for watching the Great Migration, it’s located deep in the Maasai Mara Game Reserve.

3. Mid-Range Options

Mid-range lodges and camps offer excellent value to people who want a bit of luxury but do not want to hurt their pockets much This is because they have basic facilities that you would not get in a budget hotel such as guided tours and game drives They include:

  • Sarova Mara Game Camp: Offers easy access to Maasai Mara by use of attractive tents.
  • Ashnil Aruba Lodge: Tsavo East National Park is where it is and has a lot of facilities that are not old-fashioned and people can view animals from there.

Tips for an Unforgettable Safari Experience

  • Best Time of Day for Game Viewing: The best times for wildlife activity are early mornings and late afternoons, when the weather is cooler, animals are more active.
  • Hiring a Knowledgeable Guide: The presence of an informed guide can be all the difference as they know where animals hide and how they behave in interesting ways.
  • Respecting Wildlife and Environment: Maintain a respectful distance from animals and follow the guide’s instructions. Do not litter and try to reduce environmental harm.


Can I see the Great Migration in December?

The climax of the Great Migration occurred a month earlier, but the closing stages of the migration can still be viewed in December in the Maasai Mara.

Will I see baby animals in December?

Indeed, a lot of animals give birth in December which makes it the perfect time to view little elephants, antelopes, and other species.

Are there fewer tourists in December?

In December, fewer tourists typically visit compared to peak seasons, creating a safari experience that is more personal and tranquil according to a lot of experts.

Is it safe to travel to Kenya in December?

Yes! I think it’s a good idea to go to Kenya in December. Just keep in mind the travel advisories and security precautions at all times.