How to Join Safari Rally in Kenya?

Learn about How to Join Safari Rally in Kenya. Discover how to join the iconic Safari Rally in Kenya. Explore the steps, categories, and expert insights to embark on an unforgettable motorsport adventure in the heart of Africa.


Kenya has Safari Rally, a motorsport event whose reputation precedes it, that is characterized by challenging terrain, changing weather patterns, and different species of animals. Safari Rally, with complex roads and mud tracks cutting through large expanses of grassland, is unique on the WRC circuit because it is so difficult. The East African Safari Rally started in 1953 and has had challenges since it was inaugurated shortly after the crowning of Queen Elizabeth II.

Drivers and teams from around the world participate in the event to test their skills in one of the world’s most arduous rallies. The rally not only shows off Kenya’s beautiful landscapes but also unites local authorities with rally funds and foreign tourists to become a major cultural and sports event.

How to Join Safari Rally in Kenya
How to Join Safari Rally in Kenya

How to Join Safari Rally in Kenya?

1. Know the Basics

You should understand the basics of rallying before you plunge into the rally world; get to know special stages, liaison sections, service marks, and rally rules.

2. Get Licensed

If you want to take part in a safari rally or any other motorsport event in Kenya, you must have a valid racing license. Just call for specifics of what documentation to bring when applying at one of these offices which should be Kenya Motorsport Federation among others as mentioned earlier.”

3. Find a Team or Sponsorship

Rallying is a sport in which a reliable team behind you can make all the difference. If you are not part of a team yet, consider reaching out to the rallyists in Kenya already with you about the possibilities for working together or finding support.

4. Prep Your Vehicle

The off-road race is tough on rally cars. They need to be well prepared with adequate safety equipment, performance upgrades filter performance mods for your car, and general mechanical maintenance if they are to make it through. Additionally, complying with rules and regulations is mandatory for any rally event held.

5. Register for the Rally

After preparing your license, team, and car it’s high time you enrolled in the Safari Rally You have to check out their announcements regarding registration, the deadline for entries, and also the amounts payable for entries Ensure that all required documents and fees are submitted before the stated period ends if you intend to reserve space at the starting point.

6. Attend Pre-Event Activities

There may be some activities before the rally such as scrutineering, reconnaissance, and driver briefings. These help you to know the rally route, go through technical inspections, and get important instructions from the organizers.

7. Experience the Thrill

”It is time at last for one to feel the adrenaline rush that comes with taking part in Safari Rally. This is because every moment spent on this rally course; be it navigating through dangerous terrain or driving through high-speed stages, provides an opportunity for you to prove your driving prowess as well as push yourself beyond limits. You must maintain concentration, remain safe, and have fun throughout this thrilling journey.

You are now on the right track to becoming one of the Safari Rally drivers who have won the famous Safari Rally Kenya after following these steps. So, strap in, step on the gas, and brace yourself for the greatest adventure ever!

Types and Categories

The Safari Rally features various categories, including the main WRC event, regional championships, and amateur divisions, allowing participants of all skill levels to take part in the adventure.

1. WRC Event

  • Safari Rally’s pinnacle event, with top-tier drivers and teams competing for the championship.
  • A strict regulatory framework and high standards ensure a fair and challenging competitive environment.

2. Regional Championships

  • A platform for emerging talent to showcase their skills while competing against regional competitors.
  • A range of classes are available based on the specifications of the vehicle and the experience level of the driver.

3. Amateur Divisions

  • The rally is designed for amateur enthusiasts and local drivers who are interested in experiencing the thrill of rally racing.
  • The program offers a more accessible entry point with fewer requirements.

What is the importance of the Safari Rally in Kenya?

The Safari Rally holds immense importance in Kenya for several compelling reasons:

1. Economic Impact

The Safari Rally greatly benefits the region’s economy through tourism, hospitality, transportation, and related industries that generate income. By increasing the flow of visitors into their premises during the rally period, thereby creating jobs, and stimulating development hotels, restaurants, tour operators, and small enterprises also gain something from the increased volume of people.

2. Environmental Conservation

By increasing knowledge about keeping Kenya’s nature reserve and wildlife, the importance of preserving these habitats becomes voiced. To make sure that we maintain a small ecological influence of this event while turning those attending into responsible tourists, rally organizers each year put in place mechanisms that serve this goal.

How to Join Safari Rally in Kenya
How to Join Safari Rally in Kenya

3. International Recognition

By hosting one of the legs of the World Rally Championship (WRC), the Safari Rally helps to increase Kenya’s profile in the international arena chiefly strengthening its status as a world-class sports tourism destination. It brings in leading drivers, teams, and sponsors from across the globe thus displaying Kenya’s potential as far as the organization is concerned together with its infrastructure to an international audience.

4. Sports Development

The Safari Rally in Kenya encourages and fosters a fresh crop of motorsport fans and professionals. In so doing it opens doors for the upcoming talents of drivers, mechanics, engineers, and event managers who can exhibit their ability on stage thereby promoting the growth of the motorsport sector in the country.


Are spectators allowed at the Safari Rally?

Sure, audience members can come to the rally and watch the excitement with their own eyes. Nevertheless, the existing safety precautions must be observed at all times and people should stay in the areas designated for viewing.

Is the Safari Rally suitable for spectators?

Yes, the Safari Rally invites spectators to witness firsthand the thrill of the event by allocating where they can watch it through the rally stages and also giving them a chance to speak with the participants.

Can I participate in the Safari Rally as a volunteer or marshal?

The smoother execution of the Safari rally is guaranteed by the use of volunteers and marshals who are often in great demand. Contact the event organizers if you want to be part of it but on a smaller scale.