Best time to visit Tanzania

The most popular time to visit Tanzania is June to September when the nation is at its coolest and driest. If you are looking for a tropical East African holiday, we recommend visiting during the warmer months from November to February. The ideal time to visit varies from tourist to tourist. If you want a warm and lush safari followed by a tropical beach holiday in Zanzibar, we recommend planning your trip during the warmer months. If you are interested in a cool and dry holiday, seeing the Great Migration, followed by a beach holiday with a cool ocean breeze, we recommend visiting between June and September.

June-Sept: If you’re going to Tanzania Tours and Safaris for lions, giraffes, and relaxing hippopotamuses, it’s ideal to visit amid the winter months, as referenced previously. Along these lines you’ll get incredible deceivability, you won’t be hit by sun or rain and the wildebeest migration will be going all out. Vegetation is light and there is minimal surface water so animals will gather around waterholes.

October-Feb: Over recent years, we have experienced a short (approximately 2-week) rainy season throughout the beginning of October. This brief tropical rainy season is followed by some seriously hot and humid weather. This weather is ideal for people who love the heat and are keen to laze around on sandy beaches drinking cocktails (or mocktails) and swimming in the warm Indian Ocean.

March-May: March to May are typically the wetter months of the year. Further, the nation goes quiet while Muslims celebrate Ramadan for 30 days. That said, if you prefer to travel during off season and don’t mind a bit of rain, these months can be an ideal time to go on Safari as you will see few (if any) trucks and the plains will be as lush as ever.

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